Changing input and output languages

How do you change the language of the output and/or input and get results in a language you chose (Human language, not programming language). Also mentioned here
A good example for this can be You can type in English for your prompt and get completion in different language (ex: Russian).

How can I also add this feature when I fine tune a model?


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@kelly.roussel has been struggling with the same thing. Perhaps you can compare notes? I have some ideas for fine-tuning but I haven’t had time to test them yet.


Is it what you want? OpenAI API Translation

English: I do not speak French.
French: Je ne parle pas français.
English: See you later!
French: À tout à l'heure!
English: Where is a good restaurant?
French: OĂą est un bon restaurant?
English: What rooms do you have available?
French: Quelles chambres avez-vous de disponible?

Yeah I checked that out. Doesn’t seem like there is a clear solution

No, not like a chatbot more like generating copy for copywriting. I thought of using Google translate but that is not like a good option

Did you manage to figure this one out? I have the same question.

Hello !

I have the same problem, I need to input request a language and get response in other Langage without translating my prompt.

Here an Ex:

input Language: English
Product: Camera photo HX-HD 45Go
Description : HX-HD 45 GO is a high-quality waterproof and intelligent camera designated to capture perfect moments and memories

output Language: French
Product :
Description :

La caméra photo HX-HD 45Go est une caméra étanche et intelligente de haute qualité conçue pour capturer les meilleurs moments et souvenirs.

I want others suggestions in French not the same prompt translated.

Here’s an example of how I got only Spanish using English.

Write the work experience of a profession in a 3 bullet list in spanish

sample output

-Desarrollo de aplicaciones mĂłviles
-Diseño y programación de web
-Gestión de proyectos informáticos

Maybe try using more natural language on the first line “Input language:”
I’m out of tokens, but maybe you could try something like.

The following is a Summary of a product in English:
The following is a Summary of the product in French:


@SaturnProductions Thank you

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I tried this and in worked well in Dutch too. It is a good prompt to use for me personal.

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