Motrix GPT - Native ChatGPT client for macOS


  • You must have an GPT API Key to run Motrix App
  • Connect chatGPT API or GPT Proxy service (Custom host)
  • Speech mode: you can use microphone to record text. App will translate to text and keep the audio track.
  • Voice speak content: Single click user or bot avatar.
  • Group chat mode: you can set parent node and add some child nodes (Must use system instructions to init ai role & it’s role), then send message in parent node, All childs will give response in current conversation.
  • Auto retry
  • Query Image By Enter ! in input box
  • Quick Prompt Template popup selector
  • Chat nodes can be organize like tree (Drag & Drop)
  • Global quick open switch back to chat
  • Custom chat nodes show on Menubar
  • Markdown render conversations
  • Save favorites chat and query later
  • AI visible icon point out how many contextual message AI can read
  • Search conversation by keywords
  • Embed 3 themes with Light/Dark support
  • Embed tiny markdown editor to collect things
  • Embed online code playground
  • Support change conversation font-size
  • Stay on top switch

mac appstore linke ‎Motrix - AI Chat Client on the Mac App Store

Check out some screenshots

more screenshots in imgur

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Looks amazing. Could you please add a feature, which would show how much the current context + prompt costs (including response from open ai)?

Best regards

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You’ve got the best app for Mac, all thats needed is PDF and/or video analysis functionality and it will be epic (cost per query too)