Monetising Custom GPT's With Affiliate Links

Hey everyone, for those who have built custom GPT’s and have considerable traction already, what are some ways you’re looking to monetise beyond Open AI’s revenue share?

I’m trying to validate an idea around building an API which augments answers given by Custom GPT’s to include relevant affiliate links for a brand

For example, someone who’s built a travel GPT can not only curate an itinerary for a user but include affiliate links for hotels/airlines etc & make money if a user purchases via it

Would love to get some feedback on this!

How is this project coming along? I’ve got my own GPT monitorisation project nearly finished.

Have you had issues with ChatGPT showing links but they are not clickable?

I’m not actively working on this but yeah clicking links within Custom GPT’s was a challenge as it didn’t always work

What are you building?

A way to monitise, not just my GPTs but any GPT for anyone in the GPT store. You exchange GPT Credz for access to premium GPTs in the GPT Store. I’ve set it up so you can get free access to the GPT for X amount of uses to try out the GPT, then if you like it you exchange Credz for access. You buy Credz on the website. I got a demo working…

Check it out. It uses a function call based on a YAML schema and a strong system prompt that you can add when creating a GPT in the GPT Store.
Any questions, ask, but check out my GPT on the GPT Store.

Thank you for sharing your link here, Sim2K! The idea is certainly interesting but seems to get stuck at the authentication phase…
![Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 10.09.02 PM|495x168] (upload://seeyl0xcyoyBM7Put5pPge7cauX.png)

Can you send me more information on how this is done? I would like to use it for my gpt. I went to the site. It is only a landing page.

Hi Max,

We are not working on this anymore, but do check out, if it can help you monetise a GPT