Mobile App scrolling glitching

Every time I ask ChatGPT on my iOS mobile app once it’s done printing out the answer the scrolling always gets stuck. I suspect this is because there is side scrolling so even the slightest scroll to the left or right when scrolling vertically it stops working.

I have the same issue. Whenever I’m trying to read an answer and I try to scroll nothing happens, takes two or three tries to work. Keep thinking I’m not touching the right area, but can’t figure out why.

Yes this has been an issue for me for months. It’s not an issue with sideways scrolling because when it fails to scroll up or down, if you keep your finger on the screen and attempt to scroll left or right, nothing happens either. It takes about 2 - 4 attempts to scroll. It definitely doesn’t work when you scroll slowly. It works better when you scroll fast.

thats what happens when u live on planet earth i guess