Mistakes by ChatGPT in solving Maths problems

Hi, I have been facing an issue with ChatGPT as it has been generating wrong solutions to probability related Mathematics problems, is there a limitation of the model in generating solutions to such queries and ho do I solve this issue

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ChatGPT is a large language model application which generates text like any text autocompletion engine. Its not a calculator, it is a text generator.

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Understood, then it should refuse to answer my query at the very first instance, why did it say that it will try to give solutions?

Because ChatGPT is a text generator. It is really simple.

GPT … the G stands for ?

Surely you know that.

ChatGPT does not “solve” anything!


Wolframalpha is the tool you need to look at for math problems

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Here are a few tricks that might help but you will have to verify each answer.

  1. Use digit separators with numbers, e.g. 1,000,000 in U.S. for one million.
  2. Include show steps in the prompt.
  3. State what you think is obvious but what ChatGPT might not know such as
  • 1,000,000 is an integer
  • pi is the mathematical constant
  • imageis the quadratic formula.

As other have noted ChatGPT is a text transformer, the T in GPT. It has no algorithms to evaluate expressions, thus no math.

If you start to get reproducible and valid results, many of us would be interested in how you engineered the prompts.

See: Learn Prompting

Remember that ChatGPT understands text, AFAIK it was not trained for math in any way. It just happens to be able to do some math because that was in the training data.