Missing permission inside model response


since today, I’m missing all permission entries within each model object returned by calling https://api.openai.com/v1/models.

Within my software I’m checking for permission > allow_sampling which is now completely missing:


      "id": "gpt-4",
      "object": "model",
      "created": 1678604602,
      "owned_by": "openai", 
      "permission": [
          "id": "modelperm-cQRoBUgNGW55sPfIdNQh9LA5",
          "object": "model_permission",
          "created": 1682145881,
          "allow_create_engine": false,
          "allow_sampling": false,
          "allow_logprobs": false,
          "allow_search_indices": false,
          "allow_view": false,
          "allow_fine_tuning": false,
          "organization": "*",
          "group": null,
          "is_blocking": false
      "root": "gpt-4",
      "parent": null


            "id": "text-search-babbage-doc-001",
            "object": "model",
            "created": 1651172509,
            "owned_by": "openai-dev"

Can you please help?

It is what it is. And that is what it is.

They probably want to move around and make new gpt-4-0314’s or something without revealing the date of degradation. Upcoming “stateful” ChatGPT models that do the conversation discarding for you.

A possibility is an upcoming API for getting model metadata, including context lengths, encoders, and costs, where individual model capabilities can be polled. If they don’t have one, I’m about 90% of the way to the last 50%.

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