I need help in building mql5 code for ea that counts number of ticks in a trading chart and resets after a set number of ticks and start The count again.

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Are you trying to get Codex to help you with this task? I’m a bit confused.

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I am on the same line, buddy!
ChatGPT seems SO promising for this stuff! no other feature could revolutionize so much as a better version which could really do it. BUT people are still shining their eyes with a normal conversation and not task-oriented-coding/creation…
I have tried MQL5 but ChatGPT insists in using MQL4 functions, and most of the times it just doesnt even finishes its code(stop in a random character), although it SEEMS to BE CAPABLE OF DOING IT… OpenAI just needs to teach it better on how to program automated trading codes…seems like it has only learnt by its own with google pages from 2004 lol… it would be a WAAAAY more important feature then making videos by its own, for example… but actually its just frustrating…doesnt work for this…
just imagine how much attention it would bring to OpenIA once ChatGPT starts to do some trading algos… at least for technical analysis its just unable to understand anything you say to it.
I have 10+y of research in the area and I can tell that even not doing anything at all, up to now its already better than a lot of “trading algo free-lance programmers”, it just needs to be updated for this purpose…but IDK: i think openai is losing a great opportunity here to stand by as unique…
when another company starts to make videos and images from text with good results, ChatGPT will be just a roommate for lonely people…sad
for now we just wait till some company do it… for the pace this project(chargpt) is going, I dont think we can expect more than it does now…they’re too busy updating chargpt with boring conversations i guess

AFL of Amibroker looks fantastic, i do a lot of things with that

Look at CommunityPower EA. It’s not an AI solution but has a staggering number of functions and options that may be able to do exactly what you’re wanting. The author takes suggestions and requests on adding features and it’s completely free to boot.