Message in conversation not found

Usually after the second conversation it run into this issue, and it’s unable to recover:



I’m experiencing the same issue, very frustrating


I’m getting unusual error in stream messages every once in a while today, but I have actually never known a point where I had a day without errors TBH, just the ones just mentioned appear frequently along side some others that don’t usually occur.

I have the same issue, its very frustrating becouse the whole chat is after that no more usable. GPTs is not working at expected at the moment but I guess its start issues.

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same problem. Stock GPT4. 11/15/2023. “Message in Conversation Not Found” session is dead and useless afterwards. A service can’t be good unless it’s reliable. i hope they fix this soon.


Estou com o mesmo problema, sou do Brasil e não consigo usar e meu trabalho está prejudicando, deveriam, ao mínimo conceder prazo extra proporcional aos dias com problemas experimentados pois estou pagando pra não usar.

Experiencing the same issue for a few days already. Really hope they fix it soon


HEY Y’ALL - I found a silly workaround - refresh the page after every response from chatGPT. This somehow keeps it in the conversation stream. I’ve been able to ask multiple questions in a row now and the error has not popped up. Keeping my fingers crossed it keeps working.

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Yea, it has been occurring more frequent. When that happens, the chat ends up dead. Sure you can refresh, but only good for 2 responses. Then it is dead, again.

The longer you’re in the chat, the more likely it’ll just play dead to avoid answering or digging any further… at least that is what it seems.

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Had a custom GPT I was using to tutor me for schoolwork. Now its completely bricked, and refreshing doesnt fix it. Lost all the context and sources I’ve given it and idk how to pass that on to another chat without copying each message 1 by 1


I have the same problem, Chat GPT seems to be completely down for me since yesterday.

Same here, can’t use normally my GPT. Totally dissapointing

Still happening. Found that it happens for any uploaded content (whether uploaded via plugin to general conversation or on a custom GPT).

Lifesaver. Thank you for this. Annoying that you have to refresh, but I’ve been using my chat to create flashcards for a certification exam I have coming up… thought I’d lost everything I’d built to that point, but thankfully, the refresh brought it all back,.