Meeting transcript, summary and Zoho

First time poster:
I want to actionable insights from my meeting recording software dropped into Zoho CRM (currently avoma but considering fireflies).
I know can do a direct connection however I want an assistant that will create meeting summaries (utilising an assistant that is briefed on the business model) so that we get better actionable insights than the generic summaries.

  1. should I find a dev to get transcript from Zoho then process through assistant and drop the summary back into zoho
  2. intercept the transcript from recording platform api, process and drop into zoho
    Is there someone who has done similar?

I don’t think you would need an assistant for this unless you business model is so complex is needs to be uploaded as its own doc set, I think you could just do this as some prompt injection.
Just grab the meeting data using the Zoho Python API and if its still in audio you can use OpenAI Whisper and then use gpt-3.5turbo to summarize

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