Using Whisper AI to create AI generated voice recorder?

I want to add a feature to my existing service that listens to conversations with voice-to-text, and then summarizes that entire conversation in different ways. It should be able to do this for up to an hour and to summarize an hours full conversation.

So it would send that generated text to lets say 3 different gpt-4 bots, one says “Summarize this entire interaction.” Another says “Offer the coach advice on what they could have done better” “offer the student advice on what they could have done better” etc.

Then it would display somewhere the timestamp of the conversation and the summarization the different bots of that conversation (this would be stored in a db for each user.uid)

Maybe this could all be one bot? idk

This would be an entirely new feature and section of the app

What do you guys think? I know others are already doing this its just a feature id like to add