AI-generated executive team meeting minutes | Zapier, GPT-3, Google Meet, and Slack

Hi, all!

I work with Chiefs-of-Staff on teams at VC-backed startups.

My clients find creating and sharing meeting minutes can be super time-consuming, so I created a Zapier pipeline that integrates automatically generated Google Meet transcripts with OpenAI to produce comprehensive meeting minutes, including:

  • A summary,
  • Key insights,
  • Top quotes,
  • Requests for help from the rest of the company, and
  • Feedback for the meeting facilitators/participants

This is then posted to the company Slack.

There’s so much more I’d like to do with this, including linking directly to video clips of the quotes, storing the transcript in a vector DB like Pinecone so it can be queried discursively later (many via a Slack bot w/ access to the company’s private knowledge repo?), and incorporating context in re the company’s quarterly goals into the prompts…

Here’s a tutorial on how to build a Zapier Zap that connect with your own data and automatically creates meeting summaries!

If you work with no-code tools like Zapier and don’t want to worry about creating meeting minutes any more, I’d love to know what you think!


Hi Christian, thanks a lot for sharing the video. Your clients may want to try the tactiq chrome extension as well. Tactiq transcribes meetings (Google Meet, Zoom, MS Teams) in real-time meetings and generates AI summaries using the latest gpt-3.5-turbo - the same one that is used in ChatGPT. Plus, Tactiq automatically extracts action items and decisions from the meeting, so you can easily follow up on what needs to be done.

As a co-founder of Tactiq, I know how important it is to have productive and focused meetings. Open to hear your thoughts and ideas.

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