Meet the philosophers project

I am officially launching today, Meet the Philosophers.

Using text-davinci-001, I pretend to make presets that recreate the ideas of 12 philosophers*. These presets can be used in philosophy classes as a tool to teach and discuss each philosopher’s ideas. Students can interview them, and decide if the answer given by GPT-3 is accurate and actually corresponds to the way of thinking of the philosopher interviewed.

The blog will be the place for discussion, of such topics as the ideas of the philosophers, the nature and uses of artificial intelligence, the relationship between syntax and semantics, the future of philosophy, types of activities that can be done with “Meet the philosophers”, and many more.

I hope that this will be a place where philosophy and artificial intelligence can be discussed and analyzed, as well as where philosophical ideas can be tested in the form of machine learning algorithms.

For now, use of the presets is free, except for the section Tools for philosophers, which is restricted to patrons. But there is an offer for early regular patrons: they can access Tools for philosophers from now on. Soon, only collaborators and associates will be able to access that section.

Reviews and comments are highly appreciated.

*Currently, featuring Hilary Putnam and Isaiah Berlin.


Heh, I had a very similar idea but was too preoccupied with other things to get it built beyond the beginning stages. Nice work!

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Sounds very interesting. Though I get a server error 500 when I try to access.

Right. Let me see what is wrong

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is the project dead? the link is not working