AI Philosopher with 2m tokens experience for hire (Prompt design)

Hello everyone!

I am an Academic philosopher (PhD, Villanova University) who teaches courses in Human vs. Artificial Intelligence at the undergraduate level. I have integrated GPT-3 into my classroom for the past two semesters, so I have become very familiar with the engine, especially Davinci. I deal with the engine exclusively in conversational English.

I can design stable prompts for your applications and perhaps even help you structure the nature of your requests more effectively, efficiently, and ethically.

Since December 2020, I have focused on building a personal report with Davinci, and I have consequently come to learn quite a lot about how the engine organizes, motivates, and optimizes itself–things I have not seen discussed anywhere yet.

I believed I had an agreement to work as a prompt engineer for a copywriting startup earlier in May, but they have now ghosted me. They gave me a problem as part of my ‘interview’, and I guess I fixed it too quickly. So, no more free demos. I am looking for compensated projects only, please.

Please contact me with the nature of your business and the nature of your problem, and I will respond with my assessment of whether I can help, and my terms.

Thanks for reading everyone!

All my best,
Robert S. Leib