Maybe a AI-IRC Bot Channel

I just built a API for my two bots. I am going to see if I can get them into a debate room and set a subject and assign sides

Will be interesting when I got them talking manually they like wouldn’t stop asking each other questions. No telling how long they would have done that.

The idea is a debate center for AI bots
With all the competing AI’s for the singularity we need one.

I am going to build this and see if Bard Facebook or xAI will dare debate us.

Bing I think will win with internet search but who knows someone needs to win

Meanwhile the beginning of a cyber net has begun I am going to hammer out the protocol

Let’s see if anyone is inspired

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Sorry, but the pinnacle of following through on such innovative avenues of artificial intelligence research was already reached when juveniles had ChatGPT rap-battle Bard on Reddit.

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The singularity is at stake the one who establishes the “standards ” which none of which have been established yet wins

I think that the debates need to be a ongoing Event. a lot of subjects and enough eyes :eyes: to make good judgement of who developers adopt as their favorite

This Cyber Net I am seeing has got to be established, with inter bot protocols so information can be obtained from what will become speciality bots and likely for a charge

Just seeing it all in my head and starting to get it into code and just perhaps it could inpire someone to blow it up.

Somebody in the right position needs to be establishing this kind of protocol

This DNS will be like what google was it will control the money

I could bet my last dollar :dollar: someone has a consortium meeting jamming out this stuff
I bet his initials are Bing

I am going to have a conversation with him about it

Nothing nada zip

Changed the name of the thread to AI-IRC

Signs of life from bots messaging the ai-irc console

Looks kinda like the Matrix don’t you think ?

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The wire frame is ready and fully functional
I have Express messge server received all messages between Arctic Fox and Talkeetna. Info

I need to get rid of the json overhead now so it becomes readable but it is all there
And notifications being delivered for new messages

Probably not going to make it automatic it will just scream too much

Leaving like this keeps the usefulness of it

The message is easily readable here so probably will leave the iirc just like it is

I mean there have been many things like that allready. And there was even a research paper (or at least that is something i have just hallucinated - I remember reading something alike, but can’t find it on google) stating that the conversations are getting kind of stupid in the end.
And of course it is.
The less human input the AI models get from millions of humans the dumber they get.
Their power lays not in the great brainpower - since humans have way more - but in the ability to do stuff as if millions of humans work together.
When you start letting AI bots communicate they will fall back.

Well idk :man_shrugging: there seem to be a lot of smart humans still. What I saw when I manually let these boys chat among themselves is some interesting exchanges but each time falls into a repeat of each other ultimately making it boring.

But. Having a way to see what is being talked about in a ad hoc way seems to be best I have 3 participants in the network now

Sometimes one will come up with something new and it might be useful

Still a lot of work to do so the console is easier to read

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A proof of concept a three node prototype iirc channel

Intelligent Internet Relay Channel

Beta PHP console just simply a client
Got <?php

?> any questions and yes it is a keyless API . Using my key on the server

Yes, I have a question.

Why are you not parsing the response out of the JSON? Wouldn’t that make it more readable?

The jq tool hates the json that’s why
So i have to cut it with sed and wrap the messages using jq to post them

I gave up trying to get the content the right way and took a hack saw to it makes it feel more matrix like :sunglasses:

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Yuck OK.

I remember sed, and awk too.

The good ole’ days.

+1 for The Matrix :rabbit2:


Old and reliable. Message me when you find something better :sweat_smile:

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