May we petition Open AI to return to the late March version of GPT-4

It seems that GPT-4 is about as smart as GPT-3 in January. I would like to return to the March Version or April Version of ChatGPT-4. I feel the cookie cutter responses that we have been given by GPT employees as well as Sam himself are more or less subtile hints to the subconscious. It is as if they have politically dodged the question. What happened from March until now? Does this mean I take the subtile hints and just remove my subscription, and wait several more years to finishing writing my code for my idea? I have never known how to write code as I studied law in college, and never took the time to learn it. However when GPT-4 came out I was excited because this March version gave me the power of a god. Can we have the March GPT-4 back please. A toggle switch or something?