Maximum number of threads for an assistant?

Hi. I can’t help but notice that there is a Delete thread section in the documentation for Threads which must imply that there is some sort of a use-case/benefit to deleting them.

This got me questioning for if there is a limit to the maximum number of threads we can create and if so, what it is it and what is it limited to (the Assistant or the API Key holder).

I am also questioning if there is a lifetime for a thread.

Any info on this would help as I am not sure whether I should be programmatically deleting my threads before I start using others.


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So far I don’t think there is any documentation or information for this.

Considering we have to keep records of the threads I’m guessing it’s basically up to us. Once we decide to remove it from our database we also request it’s deletion on OpenAI’s server.

I was also wondering about this and when will a thread expire or do we pay for the threads (OpenAI’s pricing is only for the retrieval tool and code interpreter though ) ?

If threads do not expire for example I have 10k users one thread for each of them and lets say for the sake of this example we assign a new thread every 24hrs to them I now have 20k threads the next day (10k unused threads and the 10k newly assigned threads) ???

Though I’ve noticed in OpenAI’s Assistant Playground when I test the assistant it creates a new thread every time it made me question what’s gonna happen to the old thread ?


I wonder if anyone has hit a limit yet :confused:

If OpenAI doesn’t want us to worry about it - more power to them! Nevertheless, the db space they have is finite one way or another, so I can’t stop thinking that there has to be some sort of a limitation to this. Hopefully they’ll provide a little more info on this.

The cost of data storage, while not zero, is extremely cheap. Offering this as a service seems like smart move.