Cost efficiency on managing threads

I’m thinking of creating more than 100K threads everyday, instead of maintaining 50K threads. The reason is that I need only 2 messages from each thread. So, I don’t want to make threads big. As I understand, bigger thread costs maximum price of context window for every communication with model. Am I right?

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Yes, a new thread will not have any past context to add to the token overhead, but I question your use of assistants for this, this sounds like the sort of thing that could be done more simply with the normal API.

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There will be some data Model might need to give an answer. So I want to utilize Model.

Is there any limitation for creating threads in terms of cost? or just OK for creating and deleting them without charge?

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Not aware of any restrictions around creating threads, but I would be mindful of possible restrictions in the future, if creating lots of threads becomes commonplace and becomes a significant load on the backend, then I can see that being restricted or at least thought about and I would not build on there being it an infinite resource.

I think if you manage your threads well, i.e. delete them as soon as your are finished with them, then that would be less of an issue going forwards.

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No cost in creating Threads.

I have over 30K threads and counting…

Costs are only for Model usage and file usage.

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@idonotwritecode It’s great to know clearer answer!
@Foxalabs I’m sure that well management of threads must be the pre-requirement for creating abundant threads. Thanks for warm advice!

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