MattGPT : multifunction telegram bot


I have been working on a telegram bot. It has these functionalities at the moment:
Model GPT Turbo 3.5
Memorize prompts & answers (reset by /command in telegram)
Vocal message analysed by whisper and answer returned by voice (same memory used so you can use alternatively voice or text
Image generation via DALL-E (requests memorized as well)
Error handling with messages in telegram
GPT answers split to be compliant with telegram characters max size.
data compression to save tokens >> NOT WORKING

I will add funtionalities over time but no more idea (or something like mini games…)

Kind regards !


Very cool! Can you maybe share a way to deploy this?

I use and many APIs to do that so I don’t know how I could share this “no code”. I am working to move this on premise on n8n. If you need, I can share more information on APIs used and workflow construction.

Hi Mattg!

I am doing the same. Would you like share experiences? Maybe we can reach much more skills than working alone… Tell me :wink:

Heya, I would love to develop an ai bot for our coworking and hotel. Would love to partner up for this task. If you are interested reach me out on telegram please

Hi Mattg, please share your project for makecom or n8n. your work its perfect