MattGPT : multifunction telegram bot


I have been working on a telegram bot. It has these functionalities at the moment:
Model GPT Turbo 3.5
Memorize prompts & answers (reset by /command in telegram)
Vocal message analysed by whisper and answer returned by voice (same memory used so you can use alternatively voice or text
Image generation via DALL-E (requests memorized as well)
Error handling with messages in telegram
GPT answers split to be compliant with telegram characters max size.
data compression to save tokens >> NOT WORKING

I will add funtionalities over time but no more idea (or something like mini games…)

Kind regards !


Very cool! Can you maybe share a way to deploy this?

I use and many APIs to do that so I don’t know how I could share this “no code”. I am working to move this on premise on n8n. If you need, I can share more information on APIs used and workflow construction.

Hi Mattg!

I am doing the same. Would you like share experiences? Maybe we can reach much more skills than working alone… Tell me :wink: