How to Implement a Paywall for a Custom GPT Link?


I have developed a custom GPT and would like to monetize it by implementing a paywall.

Could anyone share their experiences or recommendations on the best approach to take? Specifically, I am interested in:

  • Ease of implementation for someone with moderate technical skills.
  • User experience and security considerations.
  • Any third-party services that simplify this process.

Thank you!

You cannot do that with a Custom GPT.

You can try to replicate with Assistants, but your mileage may vary on the experience.

OpenAI has been testing monetization of Custom GPTs with some of the more popular ones, I’ve heard, so stay tuned.

ETA: I could be wrong, so best to check Terms of Service to make sure you don’t lose your account… I’m pretty sure they’d lock that down… eventually… like those people who copied every Custom GPT and listed it in the store multiple times… bleeding edge for ya! :slight_smile:


A probably solution is using GPTs Action and OAuth Authentication. But it depends on how your GPTs designed for. If your GPTs required to call external Action API, it may works. the workflow is:

  1. User use OAuth2 login into your website. At this step, you can identify the user
  2. GPTs do action with authorization info, and you backend can verify the authorization info to identify if who is a paid user to allow or deny request.

If you have more question, I’m pleasure to answer