Mac OS App: Copy/Paste from some apps (MS Office) doesn't work

If you open a MS Excel, select cells there, and paste to the app, you will get a screenshot attached instead of the selected text. In the web version it was so as well, but in the web version you can paste with Cmd-Shift-V (plain text paste) which is not working in the Mac OS app. The same problem is with Microsoft Word.

Copying to the clipboard creates a map of mimetype โ†’ blob in the memory, and the source application can create entries in different formats, and MS Office does create some. The receiving application, OpenAI Desktop App in our case, has a list of supported formats and selects the needed one. The interesting part comes when the receiving application supports multiple formats โ€“ it needs to know how to pick the best one. Excel adds three formats to the clipboard: plain text, an image, and a custom format to paste back into Excel.

It seems that in OpenAI Desktop App, it was coded it in such a way that if an image is in the list, it will be selected. Or probably the app just takes the first suitable one or just the first one from the map.

Probably it is also Excelโ€™s weirdness to put an image on the list at the first position.

Apple M3 Max, Microsoft Excel Version 16.85 (24051214)

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