cGPT Mac Desktop bug copy text from Mac pasting into cGPT chat bar appears as Image

Subject : Bug Report: Text from Microsoft Word on Mac Pasting as Image in Chat Bar

Description :

I encountered an issue where text copied from Microsoft Word on my MacBook Pro and pasted into the OpenAI chat bar is turned into an image instead of plain text.

Steps to Reproduce :

  1. Open a document in Microsoft Word on a Mac.

  2. Copy a block of text.

  3. Using openAI Mac Desktop APP, paste the copied text into the OpenAI chat bar.

  4. The text appears as an image rather than plain text.

(This behavior does not occur on the web browser ChatGPT DOT com)

Expected Behavior :

The text should be pasted as plain text, retaining its formatting.

Actual Behavior :

The text is pasted as an image, which is not editable or selectable as text. Then cGPT attempts to “extract” the text from the image and entirely hallucinates.

System Information :

Mac OS Version: [14.5]

Microsoft Word Version: [16.86 (24060916)]

· APP [openAI Mac Desktop] VERSION [1.2024.170 (1719338033]

Browser: [Safari Version 17.5 (19618.]