Lua programming & exposé of example (generated) code, Lua programming with gpt4/3.5 && love2d

I am thrilled with the performance of gpt4 on love2d 11.4, because 3.5 was unaware of certain integral new features. Will there ever be a way for the model to execute the code example produced, so I don’t have to copy the example into my terminal and run it myself? Any Lua programming strategies in synthesis with gpt would be highly appreciated!

ChatGPT with code interpreter (advanced data analysis) can run python code, when it will help to answer user questions, or on-demand to perform tasks.

Files also can be uploaded for processing.

While the code interpreter environment is a python sandbox, it can be temporarily extended by some extreme coding techniques - including adding Lua.

You can also improve the AI’s quality by providing documentation it doesn’t know about. OpenAI training a whole new ChatGPT AI on new knowledge would be more millions of dollars of compute time and tuning, so is likely far far off.

I’m not a fortune teller to guess whether more built-in code execution abilities will be enabled or allowed.