Emacs/vscode/vim integration

Would it be possible to integrate ChatGPT4 to any of these old-fashioned text editors?

I’d like a model where it can write into multiple buffers at once, giving code in one buffer and text in another.

I am not sure if it is exactly what you are looking for, but you might find useful this vim plugin: vim-ai

For Emacs, there seems to be a proliferation of GPT packages recently. I fear many will soon lose momentum.

Could you clarify what you mean by “ChatGPT4”? If you mean using the web ChatGPT to use the GPT-4 model, it would be pretty difficult without plugging a web browser.

If you mean GPT-4 with a valid API key, I found this project:

This is the only project that explicitly supports GPT-4. Keep in mind the GPT-4 API is not the same as the GPT-3x API. That’s why many Emacs packages still don’t support GPT-4.

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Vim-ai and GPTel are both quite new apparently. I need to upgrade my computer to examine them. I’d believe GPTel fits the bill.

I mean for GPT-4. Sorry about the confusion. I thought they’re the same thing really, irrespective of whether you access through API or not.

GPtel is a basic tool, but it’s good enough for now. Didn’t knew GPT-4 talks in markdown. :slight_smile:

There’s even many Org-mode related packages using OpenAI. I’m not sure about their current usability.

You’re not alone in that. I think it’s due to the way news put all OpenAI language models as ChatGPT or GPT.

ChatGPT is an application (using tuned custom GPT model) while GPTx are language models.

For a comparison of different language models, check: Models - OpenAI API.

I think there are few features I’d like in GPT-emacs interface:

  1. Edit the buffer/selection according to instructions.
  2. Chat with the bot.
  3. Mixed Chat/free buffer editing. Bot has access to the buffer(s)? and it can edit it/them along the response it makes.

This can easily be done using Emacs Lisp. Are you familiar with Emacs Lisp?

I am not familiar with emacs lisp, but gpt-4 is.

Would it be able to script gptel to make the other modes?

It doesn’t look GPT-4 is proficient enough to make anything useful in my current attempts.