Lower prices for students (GPT-4)

Any plans to provide lower prices to students? $20/mo is too much for students, and a student discount would be great to get started with GPT-4.


We are only your fellow users, and can’t speak to internal or future unannounced plans or desired features.

The lower price is free ChatGPT.

The use of processor-intensive language models costs someone real money.

There have been educational and research credit grants…when the students are supervised graduate AI researchers or such.

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So this very helpfull Hi technology not for poor counteries , in some counteries all the family monthly income can be less than 10 USD per month!


You are correct, it not possible for students to access gpt 4 by paying such higher price. there will be some student developer pack as provided by most tech industries.


I concur with fellow students… most organisations do reduced prices for students, e.g., grammarly, Tableau, etc… it is an ethical responsibility or a CSR if you want a precise terminology. You can confirm students using theri university emails. The discount figure depends on you, but they do not stand on equal foot with someone earning. Also low income countries are not like high income countries.


I have to agree, as a self-funding Ph.D. student specifically researching A.I., it would be nice to have a slightly lower price point, and appreciate its costs, but are we not also contributing to AI as well as using it or in my case, study it.


Any news about it? can be great for students. UP!

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