Looking to hire a developer

Hi all,

Our company is looking to hire a developer to integrate GPT-3 into our application. We cannot disclose the details on this forum, but would be happy to give some basic information in private.

We need someone with:

  • Extensive GPT-3 Experience
  • Confidence with integrating sorting algorithms, as GPT-3 will be running on smaller data sets which will then be compared to one another

The task is relatively simple. If you already know how to install the API, we do not think the task will take very much effort.

We have two prompts that we would like to use to improve the output of our current function. We have tested in the playground and know how these prompts must be applied.

We are looking to hire someone who can integrate these prompts in.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks,


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Sounds like something that your friendly co-programmer chatgpt could do :slight_smile:

by saying application, are you referring that you’re looking for a Flutter developer with great experience dealing with the open GPT-3 API, if so let me know, please.

I might be a great candidate for the task.