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Livebook AI is a content and advertising platform powered by artificial intelligence. We generate content for the most demanding clients and needs – from professional articles, documentation, to popular and blog posts, news, stories, fiction, recipes, interesting facts, trivia and more.

With our unique A.I. content composition engine, we are the best in the market for automatically producing long, richly formatted content, including multi-page articles (1-30 pages more), stories in more than 2,000+ genres and categories.

Customizable - Our AI is customizable for your audience and business and is streamlined, you can set up a new campaign in less than 5 minutes and our A.I. will create your content daily or as needed.

High quality - Livebook AI takes pride of its AI content quality: in fact we are the only ones in the market offering human content moderation, safety filters and even multi-stage quality control.

Rich and formatted content - we are also the best in the market for creating rich content (not just text), but also code, graphics, illustration and cover-enhanced content (in preview).

Enterprise-ready - we offer enterprise-ready scheduled campaigns that can create multiple articles per day for multiple days, complex and rich content formatting, including images and code and our extensible and customizable AI streaming and composition engine capable of handling scriptable content workflows.

Advertising - as part of our Enterprise subscription, we offer content-sensitive AI created advertising, including top-, bottom- and in-text advertising automatically generated by AI as part of your campaign.

Mobile-friendly AI Editor - Livebook AI includes rich and mobile-friendly AI enhanced online editor.

Campaign pages - Every business subscription gets a campaign page, that works as a hub for your campaign, and can feature your company graphics, logo and links to your site.

Social and SEO - We provide social integration and SEO enhanced campaigns that can automatically post content to social media, including Linkedin, Twitter etc.

AI Kiosks - Connect your campaigns with AI Kiosks, our showroom-ready 24x7 digital signage displays that stream AI created campaigns to a screen near you.