List Only GPTs utilizing openapi 3.0.0 coded schema

List of GPTs Utilizing OpenAPI 3.0.0 Schema :globe_with_meridians::robot:


Hello everyone! :wave: Welcome to our community discussion on GPTs utilizing the OpenAPI 3.0.0 schema! This thread is dedicated to compiling a comprehensive list of GPT models developed with the OpenAPI 3.0.0 specification. Let’s create a collaborative space to share, explore, and discuss these GPT models and their integration possibilities. :rocket:

Why Share Your GPT?

β€’	Visibility: Showcase your GPT to a wider audience and get valuable feedback. 🌟
β€’	Collaboration: Connect with other developers and explore potential collaborations. πŸ‘₯
β€’	Learning: Exchange experiences and strategies in developing GPTs using OpenAPI 3.0.0. πŸ“š

How to Share :memo:

To share your GPT, please provide:

1.	Name of Your GPT: What’s your GPT called? 🏷️
2.	Description: A brief overview of what your GPT does. πŸ“–
3.	Features: Any unique features or capabilities? πŸ’‘
4.	Use Cases: Potential applications or scenarios. πŸ› οΈ
5.	Challenges & Solutions: Overcome any hurdles? Share your story! 🚧
6.	Feedback Requested: Looking for specific insights? Let us know! πŸ—£οΈ

Discussion Points :speech_balloon:

Let’s talk about:

β€’	Integration Experiences: Share how you’ve integrated these GPTs into different systems. πŸ”—
β€’	Technical Challenges: Discuss any technical hurdles and solutions. 🧩
β€’	Innovative Uses: Seen any creative applications? Inspire us! 🎨
β€’	Future Potential: What does the future hold for GPTs and OpenAPI 3.0.0? πŸ€”

Community Guidelines :scroll:

β€’	Respect: Engage respectfully with all members. 🀝
β€’	Constructive Feedback: Offer helpful and constructive feedback. βœ…
β€’	Stay On Topic: Keep discussions relevant and focused. πŸ”
β€’	No Self-Promotion: This is a space for sharing and learning, not for ads. 🚫

We’re excited to see your contributions and engage in enriching discussions about the potential of GPTs using OpenAPI 3.0.0. Let’s dive in! :ocean: