Legal Research - Erroneous Case Citations

I’m trying to used ChatGPT to help me with legal research. It gives really confident and great sounding answers, but when I ask it to cite to a case, it’s almost like it just makes up a name and cites to a random reporter and page number because I can’t find the case when I search for it on Westlaw.

I am also searching for a way to include citations in OpenAI responses.

Bing now has a test search page that includes a ChatGPT option, and those responses bring back source citations.

Did you ever find a way to do it?

No, I haven’t had to do much research since my post a few weeks ago.

I stick some of the terminology and legal conclusions the ChatGPT uses into my Westlaw research tool.

I watched this webinar discussion: Beyond Semantic Search with OpenAI and Pinecone - YouTube

The demo they showed (this is from a year ago) appears to do what we are looking for. Just haven’t found a way to duplicate it yet.