Connect via API to the web for APA references

Hello guys!

I’m trying to use the API to do some backed up research, basically asking about a topic and a valid reference that could help validate the data.

I noticed that the model “gpt-4-1106-preview” has no web search function (which is understandable).

When asking for a reference it gives me this type of responses: “I apologize for any confusion, but my capabilities are limited to the content that is uploaded for my assessment during this interaction. I do not have direct access to external databases or the capacity to generate a real-time list of references.\n\n.”

Is there a way to connect the API to a web search that can provide sources and summarize the contents of a specific study is this study can be read online freely? (Not asking for restricted content).

My goal is to emulate the web search available in chat.openai

The GPT-4-1106-preview model doesn’t support web searches or provide real-time access to external databases. It can’t fetch or summarize content from the internet; I apologize.
If you want to emulate the web search functionality available in chat.openai, you’ll need to create a separate module that interacts with a search engine API to fetch relevant information.

You can do this by adding a web scrape function. I have one working using the API that I built using Python. So it can be done but has some limits.

Start by using Selenium to handle Java sites and then use Beautiful mind to parse out the text. It cannot scrape websites that have robots blocked but seems to do a good job with the rest of it. I’m no expert on Python and I used ChatGPT to help me write the code. Took some work but I got it in the end.

You do have to be a little heavy handed in the Chat Assist message to get around not wanting to access the web and also to get past the 2021 date.