Latest AI news and Ethical Considerations

Hi @logankilpatrick

Thanks for adding the GPT category to the forum. Do you think these forum categories would also be beneficial?

1. Latest AI news.
Required as many new AI announcements are made daily. Having the latest advancements discussed in this forum is good for OpenAI. I can’t read every forum, so having the latest AI news here would be convenient.

2. Ethical Considerations
The OpenAI board has debated the ethical considerations and risks associated with AI advances. But there’s no forum category for discussions on this? If this is one of OpenAI’s main concerns and a risk to humanity, then it should have a dedicated category.

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Hey! I think those are both super interesting areas of discussion. My hunch right now is that keeping this space grounded in technical discussions when at all possible is the net best thing at the moment. Maybe we can expand in the future but I think avoiding these two areas right now is the best path forward.