Kodiac15 a OpenAI console on a iPhone Alpine Linux iSH shell

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Get Kodiak
just wget https://talkeetna.info/kodiak/ish
chmod 777 ish

Try talkeetna.info/Kodiak5
Direct OpenAI using Alpine and Python on your iPhone iSH Shell

Talkeetna.info/Kodiak15 the power is in the key word mapping to any shell script you choose get one and modify my commands to your environment

Make all new ones with key-map/keyword.map and keyword.sh commands to automate anything

The power of feeding data to your new personal bot is amazing small chunks of logs stories games puzzles anything

All from your PHONE no data center server to support. No third party proxies deal directly with OpenAI pay for what you use✅

They will give you 5.00 first month of credit just to sign up if you just use 3.5

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