Knowledge Avatars, GPT-3, and VR

How will teachers be teaching this Fall? Here is Knowledge Avatars, which uses GPT-3, and a VR escape room called “Where’s Indy in the Middle East.


Love the idea… I’ve been waiting to see smart AI assistants in VR.
Are you connecting your Avatars to a custom knowledge base using GPT-3 and semantic search or using GPT-3’s direct knowledge of the web?

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Neither. We run our own AI engine that responds to users, traps bad behavior, and generally meets most of our users’ needs. If we have to go to GPT-3 our engine writes a completion on the fly based on the user’s interaction in that Knowledge Avatar. So, if the Knowledge Avatar is teaching how to play chess, for example, and the user asks, “Did you enjoy Queen’s Gambit?” our engine will query GPT-3. I think it answered that it was an excellent movie!

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