AI is turning us into de facto cyborgs

Progress in technology and increased levels of private investment in startup AI companies is accelerating, according to the 2021 AI Index, an annual study of AI impact and progress developed by an interdisciplinary team at the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence. …[SNIP]… The text generation engine GPT-3 from OpenAI is potentially revolutionary in this regard, leading a New Yorker essay to claim: “Whatever field you are in, if it uses language, it is about to be transformed.” [Source]

Humans as cyborgs and the coming AI changes about to hit society… Are we losing our agency?

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I disagree. Interacting with the engine has taught me more about communication than the other way round. Don’t forget that all the output is a simulacrum, a mirror with a void behind it. The true learning is happening inside our minds.


That is what I’ve figured as well. It’s constantly picking up on your patterns. Even when you don’t realize it, it might be a couple of steps ahead of you. For people new to this technology (like me) it often feels like magic from time to time, but the more you play with it, the better you get a grasp of what it’s doing and why it’s coming up with its results. Mastering prompt design seems to be all about your own language skills & communication techniques.


I’ve guessed the next word/phrase GPT-3 Davinci uses sometimes when writing fiction with Playground… I can’t wait to see what comes next…

if when writing prompts for games, my hand gestures could be read as well as my voice, that would be umph

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