Just about ready to share my first plugin. Technically its my firstever "app"

Theres 2 things im having a problem with, and its possible that this is a simple thing that has a common solution.
But im looking for USB passthrough solutions using USB IP, and being able to mount a root within that complex, such as a phone with su on port 5555
Apologies if this is “out of scope” But… well its up to you if you think this question is worth “keeping up”

Hi, generalbadwolf,

I don’t thing such a link can be made from inside the virtual browser environment as standard, sort of the thinking behind Cross Origin protections.

I have instructions on GitHub on how to install aichat via termux without root… a d I have a blank “chatbot” app platform there that you can mod the script to put the API into and repackage the app in android studio