Hi, I would like to get a hint on how to use AzureOpenAI from my company.

Rocketchat (Webhook, JavaScript) → AppService (FastAPI) → AzureOpenAI GPT3.5Turbo

In the case of this configuration, where is the conversation history of the chat stored and how is it possible to “establish a conversation”?

When you send a chat using @trigger from Rocketchat, a new thread will be created for the reply from GPT, and there will be a reply there, but the conversation will behave as if it is being initialized every time you ask a question.

“Where is chat conversation history saved?” I want to achieve this by thoroughly understanding the fundamental part.

There’s no functionality for history storage provided by OpenAI/Azure. You’ll need to have your own storage for history, whether thats in a database or stored client-side or whatever might make the most sense for your architecture. Your code will then need to pull the history and send it (or as much as you can within token limits) to the Azure OpenAI API.


thank you for the advice!
I was able to accomplish that.
This time I included BLOB in the configuration.

I tried to do it using AppService’s dictionary function without using DB, but it was difficult.

Now, we need to progress so that 300-500 people can use it.
At that scale, I’m not sure if it’s possible to scale up the AppService alone.