Storing Chat History (Used Openai to get the response)

I have a specific scenario to address. We have an application that incorporates a chatbot, and this chatbot generates responses using OpenAI. Now, I’m looking for guidance on how to effectively store the chat history of users in this application. What steps should I take to implement this?

Hi, welcome to the Community, you are building Chatbot your own for that application or using any paid Chatbot service?

Use Can Store Chat History other additional information by following the step mentioned below:

  1. Choose a database to store the chat history like MySQL

  2. Design your database schema.

  • Users Information such as their name, email address, and user ID.
  • Chat sessions such as the user ID, the start time, and the end time.
  • Chat messages such as the message text, the sender ID
  1. Implement a backend API to interact with the database. This API should allow you to insert, update, and delete chat history data.

  2. Update your chatbot code to use the backend API to store chat history data.

  3. Create user interface for viewing the chat history.