Issues With the Mobile App

I don’t know if I selected the right category, I’m sorry if I didn’t. I’m having a problem with the mobile app and I can’t find any recently covered issues/topics about my problem.
TLDR: The mobile app freaks out when I regenerate a response.
This only happens in the mobile app; The app seems to freak out whenever I try to regenerate a response. For the last few days, it deletes my last sent message and I get a popup saying “You’ve sent too many messages, try again later.” When I reopen the app, my message is back.
Just a few moments ago, I recieved this popup when regenerating a response: “There is a problem with the request. (89513b0e0aea1355-ATL)” The app then crashed and my phone recommended clearing the cache, which I did twice. I also forced the app to stop, and I made sure that it’s updated. I don’t know what this error code means, but Google said that an ATL error could mean a hardware failure or malware and I got worried.
I don’t know if this is the right place to talk about this issue, but it’s worth a try.