Issues with Pre-Configured Test APIs, Including Weather


Running into problems with all pre-configured test APIs from OpenAI, especially noted with the weather API test which gave an HTTPStatusError. Are others experiencing similar issues with these test APIs?

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You will notice the url is you need to configure which weather service you wish to make use of.

@Foxabilo Thank you for the response, I thought that a test request didn’t require any actions other than pressing the ‘test’ button.
In fact, I’m unable to make a request from the service I receive an error that the token is not valid, but the support from iexcloud responds that everything works fine with my token.
I just wanted to understand if the API is working at all…)

You may find a search of how to connect to other API’s from GPTs on this forum will result in a lot of talk about this topic, it does work, but there are nuances and quite a lot of setup required to get this right for each use case.

Feel free to create a new thread with a connectivity query about a specific service, but I think you will find a lot of existing information is already on here.

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