Have troubles with using APi through VScode

I had a trial limit for 5 bucks. Everything was fine, I used API through VScode plugin, but when the “trial period” was over I decided to prolong usage. After that, a little problem appeared. I can pass pieces of code to GPT for getting unit-test, explanation and it works as expected, but I have “Error 400” when I just send a very short sentence to chatGPT. For example, hi, could help me with…? What’s is the weather like today in Montenegro? etc . Could ou help me with this problem?

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Check your billing details.

Good luck.


Thanks for your answer. I’ve checked, what’s is wrong with billing ? I have enough money to use API.

Hey Champ and welcome to the community forum!

The definition for error code 400 is very broad ranging from malformed request syntax or invalid request message framing, to deceptive request routing. It’s a bit hard to solve this without seeing your code or knowing your network setup, but here’s a few pointers:

Malformed Request Syntax

If your URL has invalid characters or your JSON payload isn’t properly formatted, the server will return a 400 error.

Invalid Request Message Framing

If your HTTP request is missing necessary headers or is structurally incorrect, you’ll likely get a 400 error.

Deceptive Request Routing

If you send a request that appears to be deliberately misleading, such as using multiple Host headers or inconsistent routing information, like using a VPN, the server will likely respond with a 400 error.

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