Issue with File Upload Quota on OpenAI Assistants Interface

Hi everyone,

I recently encountered an error while using the OpenAI Assistants interface. When attempting to upload a file (“Modelo Nota Informativa Seca.docx”), I received the following message: “There was an error uploading the file: You have exceeded your file storage quota for assistants. Please contact us to increase your quota.”

Has anyone else experienced this issue? If so, how did you resolve it? Also, could anyone guide me on which channel or method to use for contacting OpenAI regarding this specific problem?

This issue occurred within the Assistants interface during a file upload attempt.

Thanks in advance for any assistance or guidance!

Joao Lima

Hey @joaoli13 , please ping the team via, I made a PR to improve this error message to say to contact the support team and followed up with them to make sure we have this path ironed out!

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