Issue with API started early today and still happening

I’m accessing the gpt-4-1106-preview API.
Installed openai==1.3.8
Did those change? Anything else?
Issues page showed problems all day but now shows fixed.
Yet, my app is still not working.

I’ve upgraded my openai version to 1.12.0 but problems persist.
Are there any changes to the way we access the api?

If you made a code change from the 0.28.1 of before November 6 to >1.0.0 of after with the python library, you will need to refactor the code, in both the request method, and parsing the client return object, along with ensuring an API key as environment variable.

You should use the model gpt-4-0125-preview. It is a direct replacement for the poor -1106.

The API has not changed recently.

Also, ensure try/except loops and obtaining error messages, and you will see what is going wrong.

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Thanks! Yeah, I’ve been using the newer API calls. Found my problem and yeah, it was my problem; a bug in my code. Thanks for telling me about 0125. You say 1106 was “poor”. Is there a page (URL) that speaks to this (like changelog)? And/or something I can subscribe to so I’m notified of these changes?
Thank you!!!

Besides that it is a new level of useless, telling people to look stuff up themselves and write their own code…

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Thank you! Yeah… sounds like you are frustrated as I am with the lack of clear and up to date documentation! I feel lucky that I somehow got my chatbot working.!
Looks like the links you pulled up are pretty much what I get when I dig for new info; OLD info.
So… guessing you have found the new 0125 has fixed many of those issues and/or issues you were having? Care to share what you noticed in your own usage, other than function call issues?

Oh and I was looking at some minor changes to Assistants and noticed they added access to that gpt-4-0125-preview you told me about. I also noticed gpt-4-turbo. Do you know how that is different from gpt-4-0125-preview?

I do know!

I’ll be lazy and just give you a useful link.

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