Is there any chance we will be paid for our suggestions, or will we just keep discovering out suggestions are implemented?

So pure curiosity. If/when i make a suggestion and openAI decides to use it - will I (or us) in this forum get any recognition at all for it or… will they just use it because they have absolute rights?

Nothing sarcastic, im being legally “i dont know”

First off I am not an OpenAI employee and these replies are based on my experience here so far. However I am a moderator so have more experience than average.

Will we be paid for our suggestion?


I am on many Discourse forums and other forums and have never seen anyone get paid for such, either suggestions for the forum or suggestions for a product.

They do pay for certain bugs

I would not count on it. Often the way to get recognition with such is to submit a GitHub pull request.


well i appreciate that. I was just curious as i said. But… New to this as i am. I guess others have learned before me that, its not an optimal method of acquiring intelligent ideas.

after all being paid isnt a good enough incentive for inventors.

i mean especially when they cross the threshold of understanding.

Have you seen this topic? It might be closer to what you seek.

Not quite my point… but sure.

Can you explain the statement, it really has me confused.

Can you explain the statement, it really has me confused.

I bet he means the tasks needs to solve a higher purpose for humanity.

Or he means his name should be presented in golden letters in a popup every time someone opens chatgpt when he suggests to change the background color of the chat to make him feel more comfortable.

You can find many types of people here.

An idea is just an idea.
Many ideas sound great, feel great and then ultimatelyget tossed during the process of actually building that thing.

And the people who actually get hands on with ideas are the one’s who get paid first. If at that point in time we look back at all the ideas that didn’t make it, it’s questionable if having a idea itself has a lot of actual value.

So, no. Almost no one of us barely ever gets paid for having and sharing ideas.

You may read about them in research papers later… with some other names on :sweat_smile:

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lol of course. All inventions in computer science software only occur via someone with a degree and credentials.

Just look at all the piracy.
All of them caltech.

My point is: To encourage invention and to give incentive to do so.
its something we need in this age.

When you post something useful chances are higher that someone who could use that will contact you and then it is up to you to charge for it.
If you don’t publish anything nobody knows you are doing something.
But forum poster isn’t really a job.