Is the Requests Per Day (RPD) limit removed after 48 hours?

I am sorry if this question is already answered, but I couldn’t find a similar case when checking the topics.

I am trying to make a small program, that would look for specific information by country, and before I run into 425 errors I want to make sure I understand the limitations of chatGPT requests rate limits. From the documentation page I read:

For free trial users in the first 48 hour, we have added per day rate limits. The normal RPM and TPM limits apply but there is also a separate limits on the number of requests per day for each endpoint.

In the table it shows: Chat 200 RPD 3 RPM 40,000 TPM, but there are 300 country/regions I have to visit, and within each country up to 10 follow-up questions. So, my confusion is about the 48hrs clause; is the RPD limit lifted after the first 48 hrs, and what would be the best approach when making requests like in my use case?


Paid users after 48 hours have no request per day limit.

Thanks, novaphil, I can see that in the table (see link), but the tab for Free users is not in this table, while the text states that there is a 48-hour condition for free users, that’s confusing me.

There’s no permanent free plan. Those on free trial credits always have more restrictive limits until they switch to paid.

Right, because the $5 free credit is a one-time option, which is also time-bound (90 days), after which you have to switch, to keep using the tool (on a pay-as-you-use basis, or stop using the tool altogether. Is that a correct reading?

I will have to switch before the trial is over because I made a quick estimate and to create the database I am after I would need roughly 9,000 requests, and at a 200 RPD this will take 45 days to complete.

Yeah guessing the documentation is a little vague on free users because it’s not intended to be a long-term thing. If you’re going to do any serious usage of the API, you’re going to need to switch to Paid at some point.

It’s only a relative small task, and I was willing to wait 2.5 days for the program to go over all the countries and get the information I am after, but waiting 45 days is a little bit too much.

I guess I will now do it for one country, get the token count, apply a 5% margin after multiplying with 300, and have a cost estimate to run the whole program on a paid account.

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