Is OpenAI still accepting new Community Libraries?

I was wondering if OpenAI is still accepting new Community Libraries, because I have followed all the instructions in the help center article on how to add new libraries, including filling out the request form, but I didn’t receive any feedback. I think my library meets all the requirements, but maybe there are some undocumented ones.

Does anyone know more details about this?

They really aren’t as there are too many now these days for them to vet and verify.

The API libraries are automated now by Stainless, from API specification.

The likely way to “extend” would be offering that company your services of porting OpenAPI specification to alternate code SDK if you wanted to make it easy for OpenAI to include.

I’ve seen other community pull requests go through, like notebooks.

Sorry if I don’t understand correctly, but if Stainless is the new way to add new community libraries, why haven’t they updated the page with this new process?

I’m just stating what is currently being done. Workload of coding to multiple SDK targets is reduced by use of an external product.

You can draw you own insights of why OpenAI hasn’t accepted FORTRAN or other API ideas.

Just curious, are you thinking of tools or utilities, or do you have another language to which you are making API access easier?

Thanks for the clarification @_j

Yeah, five months ago I created simple-openai a Java library to use the OpenAI Api in the simplest possible way. It’s updated with the latest API changes according to the changelog page.

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@brianz-oai I haven’t received a solid answer from OpenAI on this topic. Maybe you as an OpenAI staff could help me with this question? Is it still possible you accept a Java library? I would like you to accept simple-openai