A Fortran library to access OpenAI API


I have developed a Fortran library to access the OpenAI API, which can be found here:

I would also appreciate it if it could be made available on the libraries page.



I know someone who did work on the documentation on the site, I’ll see if they know how to get your repo added.

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Thank you, @Foxalabs!

That would be great!

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Hi @Foxalabs, do you have any news on this topic?

Hi, I passed the message to their inbox, nothing so far, very busy times right now.

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Hi @Foxalabs, do you have any news on this topic?

No nothing yet, they will be at the DevDay conference so I may well bump into them, I’ll ask then.

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Happy New Year!

Do you think this topic will be considered this year? :wink:

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I will check on this today for you.

Tagging @elmstedt lol

Yes this is real sentence thoughts things.

Please follow the instructions here


I sent a new request now. Prior to opening this topic, I followed the instructions and submitted a request.

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Is there any other way to contact them? It seems like no one is working there!