Adding my library to the community library section

Good day for all!
I’m currently working on the WebFlux implementation for the OpenAI API.
The library can be found here: GitHub - reactiveclown/openai-webflux-java: Reactive WebFlux OpenAI API Client in Java

When I’m filling out the form to add this library to the community libraries, I’m not getting any responses/emails with confirmation in return.
I was wondering, is it me - who doing something wrong? Or is it just system does not sends any confirmations? Or maybe I’m doing something wrong when submitting request?

Anyway, I’ll be very grateful if someone can help me with this :slight_smile:

Hey! I have been heads down and have not been reading the emails for that, will get to it this week!

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Hi, thanks a lot for your response!
I’m looking forward for any updates from you, at least I’m sure now, that I have done nothing wrong while creating a request :slight_smile:

Hello @logankilpatrick!

I am encountering the same issue: when I complete the form, I receive no feedback (such as a confirmation screen or an email).

I have submitted the form multiple times in the last few weeks. Is the directory currently closed to new submissions, or are you not looking to add more libraries at this time?

Over the past few months, I have been working on adding and updating my SwiftOpenAI SDK. This tool is designed to help developers easily integrate OpenAI functionality into their iOS apps. I have also recently included support for Vision GPT.

Thank you for your time

I’m sorry to say that tagging @Logan… is unlikely to get his attention. Logan has mentioned that the message queue he deals with is extremely long, making it impossible for him to keep up. I used to use this method months ago, but I stopped because it wasn’t effective. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the quick reply! Any other ideas for who to contact (email, form, twitter, etc)? I tagged Logan since he was the only one responding in this thread, but I’m open to other suggestions.

What do you think we should do in this case, or what would you recommend?

I have no full proof or even possible ideas. As I have noted to others, patience is a virtue.

When you look at how things are done and the handshake VC deals;
Maybe instead enter into a similar buddy-buddy relationship with Alex Rattray Stainless that allows building API from OpenAPI spec while amplifying plausible valuation…