Adding my library to the community library section

Good day for all!
I’m currently working on the WebFlux implementation for the OpenAI API.
The library can be found here: GitHub - reactiveclown/openai-webflux-java: Reactive WebFlux OpenAI API Client in Java

When I’m filling out the form to add this library to the community libraries, I’m not getting any responses/emails with confirmation in return.
I was wondering, is it me - who doing something wrong? Or is it just system does not sends any confirmations? Or maybe I’m doing something wrong when submitting request?

Anyway, I’ll be very grateful if someone can help me with this :slight_smile:

Hey! I have been heads down and have not been reading the emails for that, will get to it this week!

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Hi, thanks a lot for your response!
I’m looking forward for any updates from you, at least I’m sure now, that I have done nothing wrong while creating a request :slight_smile: