Is it Fine tuning down or slow today or not working?

I have putted my model from past 3hrs but it is still showing the status of validating files. And my dataset size is 1 lakh prompts. Then I reduced the size also with 5000 prompts, but still the status is same validating files…
Please let me know what is missing and glitchy?

Hi @honey.bansal and welcome to the Forum!

Occasionally, there can be large finetuning traffic, which can cause delays in the processing of a finetuning job. I’ve had a few rare instances when it took more than half a day to get a job done that was of similar size to yours. I suggest you give it a few more hours and if the issue persists, then the best course of action would be to cancel the job and re-submit the file.

Good luck! I hope it works out.