Is it against ToS to scrape a conversation with ChatGPT?

I wanted to write a python script that could cache my conversations with ChatGPT. Solely for the purpose of being able to clear out the old ones without completely losing them. Was just planning on storing them in an html file on my local machine, no where else.

Have a look at OpenAI’s Terms of Use. #2, section c, part iv:

You may not … use any method to extract data from the Services, including web scraping, web harvesting, or web data extraction methods, other than as permitted through the API;

My interpretation is that scraping your ChatGPT conversations would go against the Terms of Services, UNLESS you have access to the ChatGPT API.

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It is possible to save page from a browser to local drive. Afaik, this is ok to do. If this saved webpage is then parsed with some code of python, js, c or whatever, no rules are broken?

Yup it’s possible. Just use the follow steps:

  1. open up converation page in browser
  2. save as HTML “conversation.html” file.
  3. write python “” file to parse through HTML file with beautifulSoup. print or manipulate the data as neccessary.

Hope this helps!