How to continue ChatGPT-stored conversation from openai-python code?

Hello, I’m pretty new to openai & chatgpt, incidentally not new to ai or ML stuff.
At this point I’m still waiting to be upgraded on my chatgpt from a free version (still waitlisted), but that’s another story.

I am trying to LangChain-openai using python to access existing saved queries from past ChatGPT sessions, and possibly insert a new one.

Appreciate any suggestion from any of the community members.

Thank you,

Hi Sasha

This is not possible unless you manually inject that ChatGPT conversation or use some scraping solution. ChatGPT itself doesn’t have an API.


In my chatgpt settings I have an option to download all conversations. Before I had api access I did a ton of copy pasting (routed everything to the clipboard, just alt-tab and paste) to start figuring out how it behaves and what does/doesn’t work. Chatgpt is pretty much the same as the api, especially now that there are ‘instructions’, annoying but useable for rudimentary testing.

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Thanks Tony for confirming my suspicion.
Yes, scraping is not hard, and the scraping script can be triggered to run an update if the field has changed using some javascript plugin.
Inserting the updated conversation that took place outside of ChatGPT, seems to be a lot more challenging task, since I can insert “Human” messages, into an existing chat window, but not the AI responses.

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