Is GPT-4 available for on-prem via Azure in Germany?

Is GPT-4 available for on-premises deployment via Azure in Germany? If so, could you please provide information on how to access it or any relevant documentation/resources.


Here is the table of gpt-4 azure region availabilities:

It’s not available on prem, and unfortunately I don’t expect it to be for quite a while :confused:

Hie @Diet,

thanks for the quick response and information! That’s sad…

Is there any workaround to deploy GPT-4 via Azure on prem in Germany?

Thanks again…


While on site is not an option, there is a dedicated instance service which gives you access to a compute cluster running GPT-3.5 or 4 that will only be used by you and your company and no data will go outside of it.

A dedicated instance starts to make economic sense at the 450M tokens per day mark, to enquire about this please reach out to

Hi @Foxalabs,

thanks for the Info!

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